Tuesday 13 October 2020

Jean-Pierre Melville at the Ritz Randwick - Bruce Beresford's advice regarding preparation for this unique season

Acclaimed Australian film-maker Bruce Beresford, probably the Australian director who has made more features the any of his compatriots, generously agreed to do the introduction to the second selection in the Jean-Pierre  Melville retrospective currently being presented at the Ritz Cinemas , Randwick iassociation with Cinema Reborn and StudioCanal. The film was the 1956 comedy of Parisiaunderworld manners BOB LE FLAMBEUR.

To set the tone for the season Bruce opted for Melvillian dress as per the photo above and offered some thoughts for those undertaking the Ritz's journey through almost half of Melville's entire output.

Bruce's advice

This is how you should attend a Jean-Pierre Melville retrospective… 
Tell nobody what you are doing. Even your loved ones - especially your loved ones - must be kept in the dark. 
It is comes to a choice between smoking and talking, smoke. 
Dress well but without ostentation. Wear a raincoat, buttoned and belted, regardless of whether there is rain.
Any revolver should be kept, until you need it, in the pocket of the coat. 
Finally, before you leave home, put your hat on. If you don’t have a hat, you can’t go.


Next up oSunday 18 October Melville's intriguing story of a stool pigeon...or is he... LE DOULOS (1963) with a stellar cast of French cinema icons - Jean-Paul Belmondo (below), Serge Reggiani, Jean Desailly and Michel Piccoli. LE DOULOS will be introduced by the Australian Financial Review's film critic JohMcDonald.

Advance Bookings to LE DOULOS are on sale now at the Ritz Box-office and you can click to  Book Tickets Here 




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