Friday 26 June 2020

On ABC Free to Air TV - John Snadden highly recommends THE SQUARE (Nash Edgerton, Australia, 2008)

I was flicking through this week's Green Guide (which doesn't take long these days), and spotted tucked away late on Sunday night probably the best film of this week, the Australian crime drama, The Square  (2008). 
It was actor Nash Edgerton's debut as director and what a film! The Square  is a near perfect blend of Scorsese and Chabrol - with sunshine. 
It's a well told tale of jealousy and greed which spirals out of control as the two main characters try desperately to cover up an illicit affair and murder, plus an unconnected story-line about a bag containing stolen money. 
The film stars David Roberts and Claire Van Der Boom in a cynical and violent drama set in South Sydney's suburban sprawl along the Georges River. Watch for a cleverly written scene where an amorous canine becomes a victim of its own urges - and sign posts beautifully where this pic is heading. 
ABC-TV programmers have wedged this movie between two very ordinary Oz titles. 

The Square  screens Sunday 28 June at 10.50 pm on Channel 2 and in HD on Channel 20 in an Oz triple bill that follows the new drama series Operation Buffalo. Preceded by Bran Nue Dae (Rachel Perkins, 2009)  and followed by Paradise Road (Bruce Beresford, 1997).
The Square is also available on Stan.

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