Saturday 16 November 2019

On Blu-ray - Scott Murray discovers Sublime Godard in LA PARESSE

I had never seen Les 7 Péchés Capitaux but I watched the Godard episode La Paresse (Sloth) yesterday. 

The first shot (above) of Nicole Mirel (as herself) sitting by the Seine reading a book in a white Chanel dress could have been directed by only one person in cinema history. 

The next shot, of a convertible, is pure Le Mépris, before Godard made Le Mépris. 

When Eddie Constantine (above, as himself) arrives, well we are off to Alphaville, well before …

I haven’t seen anything this much fun in decades. The man is a god, the ending the wittiest (and cheekily subversive) you’ll ever see. 

Godard makes you love cinema all over again, which only a few great directors ever do.

PS: Henri Decae does a superb job of photographing like Raoul Coutard. Had me completely fooled.

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