Sunday 17 November 2019

Happy 5th Birthday to Film Alert

This blog has now been up on the net for a little over five years. In that time it has posted 2011 times and there were 610,440 page views. Page view numbers have been lower than in previous years. This seems to be largely because viewers from Russia, the Ukraine and the other places that hacked into the Democrat National Committee server have dropped off. 

That also may have occurred because I closed down the comments section.  I got sick of removing the comments proposing links to pornography, Viagra sales outlets and bootleg Hindi movies.

So... let me remember and thank everyone who made a contribution to the blog's over 300 posts in 2018/2019. 

In alphabetical order there were much appreciated and always welcome contributions from the following people: Kevin Anderson, Martha Ansara, John Baxter, Max Berghouse, Ken Berryman, Rod Bishop, Adam Bowen, Michael Campi, Ben Cho, Eddie Cockrell, Bill Conn, Adrian Danks, Jason DiRosso, Debi Enker, Frieda Freiberg, Peter Galvin, Helen Gaynor, Barbara Grummels, David Hanan, Ira Joel Haber, David Hare, Bruce Hodsdon, Peter Hourigan, Cerise Howard, Lawrence Johnston, Tina Kaufman, David King, Peter Krausz, Sylvie Le Cl├ęzio, Cristina Alvarez Lopez, Chris Luscri, Fiona Mackie, Adrian Martin, Geoff Mayer, Adrienne McKibbins, Jane Mills, Ken Mogg, Bill Mousoulis, John C Murray, Lee, Kristin & Stephen Murray, Scott Murray, Lana Nadj, Margot Nash, Phillip Noyce, Barrie Pattison, Andrew Pike, Susan Potter, Mike Retter, Tom Ryan, Malcolm Smith, John Snadden, David Stratton, Simon Taaffe, Peter Tammer, Peter Thorneycroft, Georgia Wallace-Crabbe and Ken Wallin.

Thank you all.

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