Saturday, 2 March 2019

The Current Cinema - STAN & OLLIE - Ken Wallin sends in some additional thoughts

I liked your observations on Stan & Ollie which I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Steve Coogan, John C Reilly, Stan & Ollie
The BFI in London, throughout January, gave Stan & Ollie  an extended run and accompanied it with a well selected Laurel & Hardy season. They screened a mixture of digital and 35mm prints, each feature coupled with a short, and I saw Blockheads in a decent 35mm print and Way Out West in digital. 

Coogan and Reilly recreate the Way Out West dance sequence in
Stan & Ollie
When Stan and Ollie finish their Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia number (recreated in Stan & Ollie for their stage show), and Stan collapses to the saloon floor after a mallet knock to the sconce and a high pitched delivery of the song's concluding lines, I was particularly impressed by how well you could see his spittoon pillow crushed out of shape.

I discovered last week that a Blu-ray Laurel and Hardy box (cover below) has come out locally with five features and three shorts and they look fine. The features are Way Out West, Pardon Us, Sons of the Desert, Blockheads, and Our Relations, a quite good selection.

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