Monday 29 January 2018

On ABC Radio - Jason Di Rosso takes on an additional gig with Screen Sounds on Classic FM

Editor’s Note: Jason Di Rosso has been producing and presenting ABC Radio National’s film review program The Final Cut for several years. It’s on each Friday at 11.30 am and repeated on Saturday at 1.30 pm and Sunday at 12.30 am.

Jason has now begun an additional gig presenting Screen Sounds on ABC Classic FM each Saturday between 5pm and 7.00 pm.

In response to my query about Screen Sounds Jason writes:

Not many people know I studied to become a musician before switching to film studies at university, and so soundtracks have always remained a fascinating element of filmmaking for me. On Screen Sounds this year with me in the presenter's chair, we aim to bring more of a focus to music composed for contemporary film and television, though keeping some room for the great music composed for films from other periods. I
hope to build on the tradition of one of my favourite Classic FM shows.

Now you know…

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