Wednesday 2 August 2017

Vale Sam Shepard - an anonymous observer ponders the meaning of certain matters

Sam Shepard
This morning, after a one-hour walk around Dee Why beach and the lagoon, we’re eating breakfast in a café overlooking the sea and I pick up a copy of The Daily Telegraph. There, under a heading “History” is a full-page obituary to Sam Shepard. I read it carefully, trying to put myself in the frame-of-mind of a Daily Telegraph reader. Have I ever heard of this man? The plays mean nothing to me. The films mean nothing. I mean, have I seen Days of Heaven? Maybe I saw The Right Stuff if I’m old enough and vaguely remember a good looking bloke flying fast, but that’s about it for Sam Shepard and me. A love affair with Patti Smith and kids with Jessica Lange, is that enough?….what is a full page obituary of Sam Shepard doing in The Daily Telegraph?

Rupert Murdoch
Editor's Note for those living outside Sydney and New South Wales: The Daily Telegraph is an utterly rancid Murdoch publication which pitches itself at Sydney’s working class, especially Rugby League followers. My correspondent is correct. There is no overlap between Daily Telegraph readers and those who may know the work and life of Sam Shepard. For those seeking an appreciation this one by Patti Smith comes recommended

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