Saturday 26 August 2017

Film Buff's Forecast and its triumphant return. Welcome back Paul Harris

Paul Harris
It’s back. Film Buff’s Forecast resumes as a weekly podcast to give a ‘cinephiliac overview of the landscape’. Now people who never thought to tune into 3RRR on radio or the net, especially on the net, can enjoy the benefits of Paul Harris’s wisdom, knowledge humour and his terrible puns. But puns are supposed to be terrible, supposed to make you groan. Anybody knows that they are supposed to be tatty, even the director of Mon Oncle  and Playtime, one of which I find funny, knows that. Or dd when he was alive...

So go to it. First up wait especially for Alan Finney and his memories of Jerry Lewis.

Good luck Paul Harris and Film Buff's Forecast  a beacon in the dark sea of cinephilia.


  1. i'm not good with technology and especially dislike apple so I'm going to have difficulty tuning in - All advice gratefully received
    (yes I know I'm retarded, can't help it)


    If you can copy and paste the above mentioned URL into a browser (search engine), you will be able to stream the podcast (listen while connected to the internet) from your computer or device of choice.


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