Wednesday 19 July 2017

Film and Politics 101 - A Manifesto for Cinephiles

Editor’s Note: I am indebted to Sydney’s supercinephile Barrie Pattison for bringing to attention this manifesto which went after the cinephile vote at the recent French election.

Alain Penso
At the recent French election, movie critic M. Alain Penso ran on the following program.

1) Add to the financing of French and foreign film to maintain the production of experimental and personal film and guarantee it's availability in theaters.

2) Promote a cultural policy which respects the contribution of seniors (emphasizing scripts and parts for woman over 50)

3) Aid communication with regular open meetings with performers and film makers. Freedom and passion for everyone.

4) Nourish innovative urban surroundings by involving designers and special effects specialists.

5) Enter the rue Champolion and its cinemas (Le Champo, Le Reflet medicis, La Filmotheque) in World Heritage listing.

6) Give tax concessions to cinemas with annual memberships which encourage new and future generations of theatrical film goers.

7) Value highly festivals which do not give prizes

8)  Reduce payouts to media and TV Chains without aesthetic or ethical values.

9) Modify the current system of advances by the Committee National du cinema with a system based on anonymous scripts.

10) Ensure the stability and re-stocking on the liquor cabinet in the Palais Bourbon.

Interior of Cinema La Pagoda
11) Restore and nationalize the mythic Cinema La Pagode, the only movie house classed as a historic monument and identified as "Art and Experimental."

12) Tickets to be paid for by Social Security, a movie ticket to act against depression.

Well he's got my vote.

Editor’s Further Note: Penso is also a film-maker you can watch one of his films if you click this Youtube link

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