Tuesday, 21 March 2017

AFTRS update - Is anybody doing anything to fix up the Council appointments?

Why is it this little blog that has to draw attention to governance issues at the Australian Film Television & Radio School?

The legislation establishing the School Council says that there are nine members of the Council, specified under the Act including:
            three members appointed by the Governor-General
            three members appointed from convocation by the Council

From among the three members appointed by the Governor-General, one is appointed the Chair of the Council.

The re-appointment of the Chair last March for a limited term of a year expired on 9 March 2017 and its expiry has now created the situation where the School no longer has a permanent Chair. In fact, there are two Council vacancies at present. You would have to assume that AFTRS is awaiting attention in a queue somewhere, hopefully not one as long as the one that developed in the Abbott Credlin years of lead wherein statutory appointments often took months to be decided and announced.

The advice offered a few days ago on the Film Alert blog, reacting to a photo of the last appointed Chair still being on the School website, has not provoked anybody into taking care of this minor detail. Oh well, being ignored is a part of life's rich tapestry. 

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