Tuesday 6 October 2015

Chantal Akerman - Mary Stephen remembers....

Chantal Akerman was very special to me. My very first film in Paris (that I saw) was "Je, tu, il, elle" … later on, when I was looking for a producer for my 3rd film (after Justocoeur), the one who committed to me was supposed to be "the producer who produces all these women directors, like Chantal Akerman" , his name was Alain Dahan (he's passed away now). 

So I always felt a special bond to her, since we shared the same producer.  And he really tried to push for my work but we didn't get CNC funding for that project and in those days didn't have all the other connected funds.  I was also very young and not very strong to withstand this kind of financing and producing nightmares as well as creative pressure.  

....And CA's passing makes me reflect on all these things because her work was singular and unique.  

I gave a talk 2 days ago on editing called "outside-the-box thinking" going against broadcasters and standardised funding practices which makes filmmakers lazy and i urged them to think outside-the-box.  CA's passing is a reminder of how outside-the-box she was and the price of pain to pay for it.  (Are filmmakers today ready to pay for this outside-the-box thinking?  Are filmmakers today exploring enough boundaries?)

voilà my thoughts… 

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