Wednesday 30 September 2015

PUTUPARRI AND THE RAINMAKERS - A Major new Oz doco opens this week

Andrew Pike, CEO of passionate indy distributor Ronin Films writes about the company’s latest release, a feature length doco titled PUTUPARRI AND THE RAINMAKERS. “The film recently won Australia’s biggest cash award for Australian films, at CineFestOz, ahead of a slate of new Aussie feature dramas, and is now in theatrical release.  It opens at Cinema Nova in Melbourne tomorrow, and many other locations follow through Oct and Nov.  In total we have some 18 locations - a very good spread for a doco.  It has opened first in Broome and took $5,000 over its first 5 sessions:  of course it has local content, but a fabulous result.

Andrew’s own thoughts on the film make no secret of his admiration: PUTUPARRI AND THE RAINMAKERS is an astonishing ten-year labour of love by filmmaker Nicole Ma, documenting the fragile line by which endangered Indigenous cultures are passed from one generation to the next. The fragility of this slender thread has been observed in other films, but rarely with such compassion, honesty and richness of detail. The poignancy of the film is profound as we gradually come to understand the personal burden of responsibility which drives Spider and Dolly, and transforms the lives of the next generation. See  our website here for further details.

The SMH published this very supportive review by Philippa Hawker yesterday here.

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