Thursday 24 September 2015

Barrie Pattison in Paris (2)

It will be hard to leave  - full of only in Paris moments.  Yesterday I was walking along the barge mooring area and found a German graffiti artist doing a Flip the Frog themed painting on the wall. He was intrigued to learn that the character existed in colour and we had a conversation about purloined imagery. This comes the day after I spotted a tramp stretched out on a subway grating for warmth, listening to the radio on his mobile 'phone.

Catherine Frot
Simone Signoret retro off to a poor start with Michel Drach's 1981 GUY DE MAUPASSANT, a truly bad movie which is a grim mix of high culture references and T&A. Miou Miou proves to have had a great build, as does (who would have believed it?) a young Catharine Frot. Omar Sharif & Youseff Chahine at the weekend. 

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