Tuesday 15 August 2023

Film Alert 101 notes Angela Allen and draws attention to one of the films she worked on THE MISFITS (John Huston, USA, 1961)

Sydney's adventurous Golden Age Cinema is screening some films to welcome Wes Anderson's Asteroid City. Here's how they explain it. "Set in a small western town in the 1950s, Asteroid City was inspired, directly or indirectly, by a variety of films, many of which are touched upon in the new book DO NOT DETONATE Without Presidential Approval, A Portfolio on the Subjects of Mid-century Cinema, the Broadway Stage and the American West. This series, inspired by similar series at the American Cinematheque and the Museum of Moving Image in the U.S.A., brings together a selection of titles featured in the book, which evoke the historical or social or fantastical milieu of Asteroid City."

One of the films is John Huston's The Misfits. You can read the notes and make a booking if you CLICK HERE.

Why am I telling you this? Well because Bologna's recent Il Cinema Ritrovato  screened another Huston film and the person they found to do the introduction was none another than the woman who did the continuity on all of Huston's films from The African Queen in 1951 through to Wise Blood in 1979. Her name is Angela Allen. Today she's 94 and still lively with a mountain of stories about the film industry. She also worked on The Third Man, The Happiest Days of Your Life, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Women in Love, Macbeth (the Polanski version), The Dirty Dozen and Ronin. In 2005 BAFTA honoured her with its Michael Balcon Award.

Here she is having dinner in Bologna with Nick Varley the founder of the distribution company Park Circus.

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