Friday 17 February 2023

On UHD Disc - David Hare awaits the new editions of WINGS OF DESIRE (Wim Wenders, West Germany, 1987)


Just as I ordered the UK Curzon UHD disc of this 4K restoration, Criterion has snuck up on me and also scheduled the new restoration for its May slate.

Where the previous Blu-ray from Criterion and others was derived from sometimes sixth generation elements, the new resto is derived entirely from first gen with the color/B&W transition sequences all derived from an Eastman master, which gives the B&W far cleaner color temp, and the color sequences now ring out, one might say supernaturally.
I love this movie, among so many things as a testament to Berlin before the property developers and the hipsters started moving in. It and The American Friend are my favorite Wenders. And a film about Angels and acts of unsolicited kindness are the sorts of things this horrible modern world needs. Just as it does another film about a donkey by another ageing Polish director, recalling Bresson’s masterpiece about a saint, Au Hasard Balthazar.

Interestingly I am still waiting for my order to ship which suggests Amazon is waiting for the "fixed subs" refit to come in stock. Personally I couldn't care less. 

But....If you wanna go truly bananas lash out and buy the 20 disc Curzon Wenders complete boxset from the UK which I think includes the UHD of Wings/Himmel. For a mere 229 Pounds Sterling.

Watch the Trailer to get an idea of the remarkable restoration images.

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