Monday 28 October 2019

Film Alert's first E-book - "On Blu-ray" - Collected Reviews by David Hare

David Hare introduces Sans Lendemain (Max Ophuls, France, 1939)
 Opening Night of Cinema Reborn 2018
Today marks the completion of an exercise that David Hare and I have been pursuing for just some little time. For the first time, the Film Alert 101 blog has assembled a collection of reviews and  short essays by one of its most prolific contributors. Hopefully there will be more such exercises in the future.

The  new e-book  consists of pieces  written between 2016 and 2019 and represents a complete selection of David's reviews which appeared first on Facebook and then, revised and edited, on the Film Alert 101 blog.

All told there are 132 entries on films and film-makers, some short, some lengthy. The films range from Carl Th. Dreyer’s Michael (1924) to four films made in 2018 - First Reformed, Ladies in Black, Roma and Transit.  The film-makers range from Budd Boetticher to Jean Vigo. 

Those who would like to read these notes again, or for the first time, you just need to click on this link to go to a document hosting service where you can read or download the file or you can  send an email to   If you send an email you will then be sent a large pdf file which you may download or otherwise read at your leisure. There is no charge.

If in gratitude for the prodigious scholarship on display readers wished to support the retrieval and renewed discussion on the cinema’s masterpieces and more David has suggested you might make a donation to another cause that always appreciates the generosity of cinephiles, the Cinema Reborn fund established under the aegis of the Australian Cultural Fund. Donations of $2 and above are tax deductible and if you click on this link you will go straight through 

Please don’t hesitate to pass this news of a striking new collection of contemporary film criticism to any of your friends or acquaintances.

Kay and David Hare

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