Wednesday 18 September 2019

On Blu-ray - David Hare revels in the Criterion edition of John Waters POLYESTER (USA, 1981)

Elmer Fishpaw (the be-rugged David Samson) with trophy wife, Francine (Divine) (in the screen shot above) who's praying for forgiveness for Elmer's porno movie theatre business and its ill-gotten gains. It’s all in John Waters Polyester from back in 1981.
And Divine (below), later, with Cuddles (the great Edith Massey, "Egg Lady" of Pink Flamingoes). For a special lunch of Pepsi and cake. "Oh Francine, your house is something out of Architectural Digest". She's right.

From the new special edition Criterion Blu-ray out this week, complete with Odorama Scratch and Sniff card. It's good to remember this was Tab Hunter's comeback movie after years in the boozy twilight. My fave scene, genuinely Sirkian in its lyricism, is their visit to a Marguerite Duras Triple Bill at the local drive in.
The new Criterion is probably worth it if only for the copious extras, although I think the movie is the last genuinely Waters-esque picture he made, in both tone and a cast who all sport flawless Baltimore twang accents. Especially sock sniffing juvenile delinquent played by the exhilaratingly named Stiv Bators as Bo Bo.

Editor’s Note: Click here for an interesting essay on the film by Elena Gorfinkel published on Criterion’s website. Criterion cover below.

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