Wednesday, 11 July 2018

An Australian New Wave - Bill Mousoulis puts in the hard yards to draw attention to the new talent.

Bill Mousoulis
On his invaluable Pure Shit Australian Cinema the indefatigable Bill Mousoulis is constantly bringing new Australian cinema to attention. The fact that that the film-makers are too often below the radar only spurs Bill on. He ponders not just the films but what might be done to bring the film-makers to some kind of recognition.

Here is the first para of his most recent contribution which begins with this para before providing a list and links to greater appreciation.

This page presents a list (with brief annotations) of Australian independent filmmakers who may be designated a "new wave" of directors within Australia at the moment. They are mainly younger filmmakers (though not strictly), with their first features (or mini-features), made independently (often with no funding whatsoever), and the films and filmmakers are not acclaimed/recognised by the major Australian film festivals so far (with a couple of exceptions). This list is perhaps subjective, to my own taste, featuring as it does films that are formally experimental or dynamic, but every filmmaker on this list is deserving of recognition. I also envisage that this list will change with time, but it will always feature directors who are not yet on the "shore". So, here they are – the current "Australian new wave".

You can find the whole story if you click here

Go Bill. 


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