Thursday 1 February 2018

National Film & Sound Archive - The CEO announces a new building will be sought

Today's Canberra Times has a hot story that may have ramifications for the way the NFSA operates way into the future.

Jan Muller
Fresh from departing a splendid purpose built building in Amsterdam (see picture below), new CEO Jan Muller has made clear his priorities. A report in the Times advises: "Mr Müller, who moved to Canberra from the Netherlands to take up his position in October, announced plans to move the institution as part of his "First 90 days" presentation to staff this week. He also unveiled his vision for the future of the national audio-visual collection, which will include an entirely digital collection by 2025, in line with a national commitment to digitise all public collections."

Bold, ambitious and courageous are the words that come to mind because it’s the first time in a long while that the leadership of the NFSA has been prepared to say quite publicly just what needs to be done to solve its problems. You can read the whole story in the online edition here.

Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

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  1. He's figured it out. It's easier to get the bureaucrats to pour concrete than to get them to show films - think the Chauvel, the Arc etc.


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