Wednesday 3 May 2017

Digitisation, Restorations and Revivals (24) - Tarantino's LA Movie House, J Hoberman on a New York selection

Associate Editor (Restorations and Revivals) Simon Taaffe has come across the following screenings and other information. Click on the links for times, more detail etc where indicated.

Quentin Tarantino
Individual endeavour, especially when you put your own money in to do it, has to be admired. There are fewer and fewer quality cinema operations anywhere outside a few of the largest cities which have the spirit of the gadfly. Needless to say, individual taste then becomes the subject of much scrutiny. If you follow the scheduling at Quentin Tarantino's LA Cinema, the New Beverley you’ll find some genuine oddities, films that might until now have played almost exclusively at much lower points of the market. Here’s a small sample of what is on the current schedule

Trackdown (Richard T Heffron, 1976)
Hardcore (Paul Schrader, 1979)
Night of the Juggler (Robert Butler, 1980)
Eagle’s Wing (Anthony Harvey, 1979)
Loophole (John Quested, 1981)
Badlands (Terrence Malick, 1973)
Macon County Line (Richard Compton, 1974)

Sal Mineo
…and maybe it’s the only cinema in the world ever to run a Sal Mineo tribute with titles including Rebel Without a Cause, The Gene Krupa Story, Exodus and a triple bill comprising Raoul Walsh’s A Private’s Affair, Alfred L Werker’s The Young Don’t Cry and Robert Wise’s Somebody Up There Likes Me.

All films are screened on 35mm or 16mm.

Meanwhile across the other side of the country the always estimable J Hoberman posts a piece on the New York Review of Books website about what’s on in New York in May. The advance email advises: The underappreciated Polish director Wojciech Has at MoMA and the Museum of the Moving Image, Jean-Pierre Melville at Film Forum, Larry Cohen at the Quad Theater, and Matías Piñeiro’s Hermia and Helena at the Metrograph.

J Hoberman


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