Friday 27 March 2015

Australian Movies - Measuring Success - A couple of case studies derived from the new measuring tool the Film Impact Rating

The last time this matter was blogged about Bruce Hodsdon had promised to have a further look at all the material  about Film Impact Ratings (FIR) and, if he felt able, would produce some further analysis. This he has done at this site. (You might need to cut and paste the address)
In addition to making further suggestions about the way the FIR index may be interpreted and deployed Bruce has included two examples linking empirical data with ratings (Mystery Road with The Great Gatsby and Mystery Road with Wolf Creek 2). In this regard, as I read Bruce's note I was reminded of the huge support The Great Gatsby garnered just before its worldwide opening (see Example 1) most notably via its selection as the Opening Night film at the Cannes Film Festival.

As a preface it is worth quoting the researchers' aims in proposing a FIR system as a "desire to take a more holistic approach to film impact that extends beyond one metric that matters, i.e.,the domestic box office. Of course with this in mind it is important that care is taken in providing underlying values linked to each of the thre aspects that are then weighted to generate the overall FIR. We have certainly aimed to be transparent in both our approach and motives to use FIR (and the online tool to gain more insight into what is generally viewed as important in rating a film's impact." (Dr Bronwyn Coates, 18/3/15)

To catch up with what has gone before and find all the links to earlier posted documents,go to 

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