Saturday 27 December 2014

An Annual Roundup for 2014

Best films seen anywhere in the world in theatres

Adieu au langage3D/Good bye to Language 3D (Jean-Luc Godard, France)
Charlie’s Country (Rolf De Heer, Australia)
The Golden Era (Ann Hui, Hong Kong/China)
Haider (Vishrag Bhadwahl, India)
Hill of Freedom (Hong Sang Soo, South Korea)
Nebraska (Alexander Payne, USA)
Night Moves (Kelly Reichardt, USA)
Nuoc 2030 (Nguyen Vogh Nghiem Minh, Vietnam)
Revivre (Im Kwontaek, South Korea)
Wintersleep (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Turkey)
A Woman Crying in Spring (Hiroshi Shimizu, Japan, 1933)
The Wonders (Alice Rohrwacher, Italy)


Films seen for the first time on DVD

 Ikarie Xbi (Jindrich Polak, Czechoslovakia)
About Elly (Asgharadi, Iran)
La Signora di Tutti (Max Ophuls, Italy
Maskerade (Willi Forst, Austria, 1937)
Neighbouring Sounds (Kleber Mendoca Filho, Brazil, 2013)
The Gold Spinners (Kiur Aarma, Estonia, 2013)
Snowpiercer (Bong Joon-ho, South Korea, 2013)
Little Man What Now (Frank Borzage, USA, 1932)
The Selfish Giant (Clio Barnard, UK, 2013)
American Dreams (Lost and Found) (James Benning, USA)
The Complete Mutual & the Complete Keystone Films (Charles Chaplin, USA)
 The Attorney (Yang Woo-seok, South Korea, 2013)
Tales (Raksham Banietemad, Iran, 2013)
Snow (Mehdi Rahmani, Iran, 2013)
Gunman’s Walk (Phil Karlson, USA)
Classe Tous Risques (Claude Sautet, France, 1960)
Une Chambre en Ville (Jacques Demy, France, 1982)
1001 Apples (Tada Karimi, Iraqi Kurdistan, 2013)
Locke (Steven Knight, UK, 2013)

Plus TV seen on DVD

Breaking Bad (Series 1 +2)
Treme (Series 3 + 4)
True Detective (Series 1)
Going My Home (Kore-eda Hirokazu, Japan, 2012)
Sherlock (Series 3)
The Bridge (Series 2)
The Hour (Series 2)
Justified (Series 3,4, 5)
Borgen (Series 3)
Fargo (Series 1)
The Americans (Series 2)
The Sopranos (Series 5 + 6)
When the Levees Broke
Homeland (Series 3)
The Unknown Chaplin (Brownlow & Gill, 1983)
The Fall (Series 1)
Happy Valley (Series 1)
Twin Peaks (Series 1 + 2)
Prisoners of War (Series 2, Gideon Raff, Israel, 2012)
Luther (Series 3)

And if this doesn’t sate you, read the selection of the best of 2014 of Supercinephile Barrie Pattison at Sprocketed Sources

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