Monday 9 February 2015

J P McGowan - Australia's first Hollywood film pioneer on iView until 21 February

The indefatigable David Donaldson, founding director of the Sydney Film Festival lo those 60 years ago and still going strong writes:

For a brief period, ABC-TV Australia has the 2011 bio-tribute to Hollywood’s first Australian, JP McGowan, up on its catch-up website — I pop in briefly as an ancient, mumbling over a Super8 projector. Some people think that the modern-day stunt material was incongruous, but there is a lot to admire in the handling of the Railroad Man material. Catch it while you can, this being the third and last of the licensed broadcasts.

There is as well  aJ.P. McGowan bio-tribute film in History Month, 8 May 2014 --

Finally you can follow on McGowan page on Facebook --

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