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Friday, 19 February 2016

DVD collecting - Time to be afraid. Rod Bishop ventures to JB Hi-Fi...and an afterword from a US correspondent

My local JB Hi-Fi has always stocked blank DVDs. Recently I could only find one blank DVD package containing two rewritable DVDs.

“Is this all the blank media you’ve got?”

“Yes that’s it and once that’s sold we won’t be getting anymore. Nobody wants blank DVDs anymore. Nobody makes computers with DVD drives anymore.”

“Yes they do. Dell, HP, Asus, Toshiba and I’m sure there’s more.”

“That’s big laptops…these…” he says pointing to an array of 10 inch models “don’t have room for a DVD drive and everybody only wants to keep digital information…”

“But DVDs are digital, that’s why they are called Digital Video Discs.”

“Nobody wants to use them to store information though. Everyone just wants to keep stuff on the Cloud…is there anything else I can help you with today? “

For those who might want to press the point, JB’s website still lists a 50 pack Sony DVD-R and an 8 pack Verbatim DVD+R DL for sale. For how long really depends on who you ask and whether they are prepared to look out the back.

When this information was passed along to a US collector, the following response was received: 
Gosh, things are different here. I can go into any drugstore and buy stacks of blank DVD-Rs. Some gas stations sell ‘em. Also, here is my preferred brand, abundant on Amazon

Most reliable I’ve found, and at $0.40 per disc not bad.

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  1. Good salesman: indicates doom, frightens customer into buying new "uptodate" gear. Seen it before, many times. They said those things about Super8.