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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Martha Ansara wants to find a good home for her film magazine collection

Dear Friends

Some will remember Lumiere and Script, Screen & Art which brought substance and thought to a fairly collective film scene -- at a time when guilds were very active. They make great reading today but I will be moving house and hope to pass on my priceless collection of magazines to someone who can really make use of them. So if it is appropriate please post the following in your enews.

1) About 25 industry/guild mags Lumiere and Script, Screen & Art 1969-1974 -- for example, the issue pictured which asks on the cover "Is the chunder enough to build a film industry on?". 
 2) An almost complete run of CINEMA PAPERS.  

Email which you want (one or both) and your reason why in 25 words or less to and I will get in touch with the winner/s  who can pick them up in Hurlstone Park, Sydney or pay for shipping. Closing date: July 20.

1 comment:

  1. Big sets of Cinema Papers available to the losers - ask!