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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Rounding up some short comments - Boat People, The Reluctant Doctor, Dazed and Confused & The Night Manager

A few short remarks firsts posted on Facebook.....

Ann Hui's Boat People
Thanks to supercinephile Barrie Pattison for noticing that NITV is screening Ann Hui's remarkable Boat People (Hong Kong, 1982) tonight at 11.30 pm tonight Friday 13 May. For details Google the film title or the director's name. A Major director who should have had a retrospective long ago. Oops. No Cinematheque in Sydney to do that sort of thing.....

Jean-Baptiste Coquelin aka Moliere and his The Reluctant Doctor (France, 1666) starring the estimable Bill Conn*
Nostalgia. From 1963 I think. The star went on to become such a star he sang a couple of songs at both my 21st and 70th birthdays...Double click on the image to enlarge.

Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused
OK, catching up. Richard Linklater's early Dazed and Confused (1992). Spotted the young Ben Affleck instantly but who was the blonde guy with the overslicked hair and the deep southern drawl. Had us all deeply into who is that guy until the credits came up and we said of course Matthew McConaughey!!!!

John Le Carre's The Night Manager 
Fine Brit TV much appreciated and superbly analysed in a little memoir by Le Carre who, however, seems to have forgotten or is prepared to overlook that the first TV adaptation attributed to his work is the 1966 piece by Ted Kotcheff "Dare I weep, Dare I Mourn" made for Armchair Theatre. Only 45 minutes and starring James Mason and Jill Bennett it's a fine little Tv drama.

They made the agent a woman, changed the location and the ending. The bestselling thriller writer on the pain and pleasure of adaptations from The Spy Who Came in…

Bill Conn

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