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Thursday, 26 July 2018

On Blu-ray - John Snadden uncovers two major films from the 70s with Burt Lancaster - GO TELL THE SPARTANS (Ted Post) & ULZANA'S RAID (Robert Aldrich)

Two recent arrivals courtesy of Oz Post.
ULZANA'S RAID and GO TELL THE SPARTANS showcase some of the best American film-making of the 1970s. Both are tough, intelligent and uncompromising films, also qualities which they share with their star. 
Burt Lancaster, Ulzana's Raid
Burt Lancaster, Go Tell the Spartans
Burt Lancaster shows just how much of a great character actor he had become by this favoured decade.
The BR transfers are excellent and each title sports a selection of worthwhile extras, in particular ULZANA'S RAID which is a 2 disc German special edition that features the European cut of this terrific western (which is only slightly different from the US version). 
The current issue of Cinema Retro Magazine  has one of the best and most perceptive reviews I've ever read of this gritty and violent frontier film.
If you want to find out how good 1970s studio film-making was then these titles are highly recommended.

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