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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Barrie Pattison on Film Alert - A Top Ten selection of reviews by Sydney's supercinephile

Editor's Note: Veteran cinephile Barrie Pattison has sent in over 150 reviews for the delectation of Film Alert readers. He is an inveterate attender of festivals and the films that represent the byways of old and new cinema. The films he covers are rarely if ever reviewed in the mainstream media. He also blogs away at his own site Sprocketed Sources . The selection below is rather random but intended to indicate the length and breadth of Barrie's interests.

A glimpse of a section of Barrie Pattison's personal archive
NORMANDY NUE (Philippe Le Guay) or CE QUI NOUS LIE/BACK TO BURGUNDY (Cedric Klapisch) 

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